LICCRA History

LICCRA was founded in 2003 as a partnership between Christopher Gobler and the Tamarind Foundation (formerly known as SCERP ( Stony Brook - Southampton Coastal and Estuarine Research Program), whose main goal is to conduct research which will assist in protecting and restoring Long Island coastal ecosystems. Research is aimed toward ultimately minimizing the impacts of anthropogenic stressors such as climate change, harmful algal bloom, runoff, and pathogens on coastal resources and human health and maximizing the distribution of fisheries and foundational species in estuaries such as filter feeding bivalves, eelgrass, and salt marshes. A secondary goal of LICCRA is to forge solutions to environmental problems by sharing research results with municipal agencies, non-government organizations, and the public. LICCRA became part of Stony Brook University's School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences in 2006.

Since 2003, marine science students and professors have conducted dozens of research projects on Long Island. Each spring, LICCRA hosts its annual Environmental Symposium, which is a series of presentations of the most recent findings of LICCRA and represents an opportunity for policy makers, non-government organizations, and the public to learn about recent research and new directions for LICCRA. In addition to support from the Tamarind Foundation, additional support for LICCRA projects have come from New York Sea Grant, New York State Department of Environmental Conversation, the Nature Conservancy, Suffolk County, and the Town and Village of Southampton.